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The Biggest Weekend of My Life

I was invited to Beverly Hills CA to spend the weekend with one of my dearest friends, Hilary Roberts at the launch of The Red SongBird Foundation. It was easily one of the most unbelievable moments ever spent in my life. I met Hilary over twenty years ago in Dallas, Texas. Hilary was a young singer just looking to do extraordinary things with her music. I did what I could to be helpful to her, including have her sub for me at the Hideaway Clubs. I remember Hilary being so kind and grateful for that date. This weekend, she proved that she was in total control of her career and music. It was her birthday weekend and she spared no expense to show the people she loved and appreciated a very good time. Her mode of operation to introduce all of her friends to each other was so special. She walked around the room of Circa 55, the restaurant in our hotel. There was at least seventy to one hundred in attendance. Hilary stood on chairs, tables and booths to tell lovely stories about her relationship with each person in that room. Even her parents and step parents were there.  


Hilary, I’m so proud of you for all you have done for yourself and countless others!  


Many, many blessings to you,

Sandra Kaye

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